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US$ 282,815,320
Nets 133,083,949
How we make decisions

When deciding to fund nets for a distribution, we look for two things: areas with a malaria problem where there is also a need for nets, and distribution partners with whom we are comfortable working. more

There are four operational elements to a distribution we consider important. We discuss these elements with potential distribution partners and if they share our approach to a distribution, we are keen to work with them:

  1. Accurate household-level net need data
  2. Independent supervision at the 'moment of net distribution'
  3. Post-distribution monitoring of net use and condition
  4. Monthly malaria case rate data

These elements are addressed in an assessment process that has a number of stages:

  • Is the area high risk for malaria and are we confident of the data?
  • Is there a need for nets, how many, and are we confident of the data?
  • Are there insufficient funds from other areas to meet the net need and are we confident of this information?
  • Would nets be distributed in a mass campaign (as opposed to routine distribution)?
  • Would the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) agree to the four main requirements we have of a distribution?
  • Are there potential distribution partners with the necessary resources and experience with whom we could collaborate?
  • Is there a strong leader in charge of the distribution partner(s) with whom we feel we can work closely?
  • Would the distribution partner(s) agree to the four main requirements we have of a distribution?
  • Can we agree on when the nets would be distributed?
  • Are non-net costs for the project in place?
  • Do we both feel comfortable to proceed?

We add information showing progress with each future distribution we are assessing.

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